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Since the Bondi Pavillion has been renovated, Bondi Radio has been recording remotely from a number of locations around the easter suburbs, to keep the dream alive for when we go back home the Bondi Pavillion.

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Local News

Fronting onto Sydney's famous Bondi Beach, the Pavilion has been used by locals and beachgoers since 1929, but has gone without a major upgrade for decades. As part of the upgrade, the Pavilion will get a new museum and exhibition space, a new airconditioned pottery studio, a larger toilet block, and a new community space with the capacity to become another music studio.

People are beautiful

Find out more about the people who live and form the heart and soul of Bondi, from local fitness and nutrition, to sports and entertainment, there is plenty of talent to discover in Bondi.

Community support

Bondi and its surrounds in the Waverley precinct accomodate almost a quarter of a million people, then on a summers day we can have up to 1 million at the beach and its surrounds. Help us work with locals and visitors to ensure a harmonious existence for everyone.

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